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Who We Are

Ta-Da! was created and initially seeded with content by Nick Eubank, a fifth-year Political Economy PhD Candidate at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business. Since then, content has been added and refined by a number of generous editors, including...

Our Editorial Philosophy

Over the past decade, we've gotten extensive experience learning all sorts of tools and programs on an ad hoc basis. Having been through the process of constantly seeking out friends who can help and reading technical documentation written for very different audiences time and time again, this year we finally decided there had to be a better way, and thats how Ta-Da! was born!

The target audience of Ta-Da! is social science graduate students. As such, Ta-Da! does its best to avoid jargon wherever possible, except in the interest of defining terms that readers will likely encounter when seeking outside resources. One of the biggest challenges for social scientists looking to make use of novel methods from computer science is the amount of assumed knowledge in computer science tutorials -- it is our aim to solve that problem, not add to it.

The aim of this site is to provide social scientists with advice on new tools based on personal experience. As such, while we do hope to be representative in the impressions we share, we do not share the goal of perfect "objectivity" like Wikipedia. Subjective impressions -- supported by personal experience, not outside citations -- will be a big part of Ta-Da!.